BuzzMeIn is now FreshBuzzer!

New name, everything else stays the same.

Published on July 19th, 2022

This was a very difficult decision as I always liked the name BuzzMeIn. It is short, memorable and fitting. Unfortunately that means I wasn't the only one with that idea.

History of BuzzMeIn

Back in 2020 we went from to This was necessary as .in is actually meant for websites in India and does often confuse people in North America. Being Canadian it only made sense to use a .ca domain. Read more in the blog post.

All was well with and many folks in Canada found BuzzMeIn via Google and other search engines. However, in the US .com is king. And Google & Co actually punish domains from other countries in their rankings. That makes a lot of sense for which probably doesn't do any business south of the border. But BuzzMeIn works just as well in the US as in Canada.

An even bigger problem than visibility and discoverability in the US was that is actually registered by a different company. They were planning to launch a similar business back in 2019 but never went past a half finished landing page.
Not only does it confuse people, it also makes BuzzMeIn look bad because it's a non functioning website!

I contacted the owners of and there were willing to give up the domain... for "something in the high 4-figures to the low 5-figures".

While this is a common practice on the internet, it is just short of extortion. Luckily we can just all move on.

Here comes FreshBuzzer!

I'm happy to announce that BuzzMeIn is now FreshBuzzer available at, and which allows building a new brand across Canada and the US 🎉

There is no new ownership, no new direction, no price changes or anything else along those lines. Even the logo stays the same and we continue to build the best product for you!

And the best thing, I'm already getting used to the name - I hope you will too! As always don't hesitate to send a message if you have any questions or something you'd like to share.