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For Your Buzzer

FreshBuzzer brings call-forwarding for multiple phones,
secure access codes and more to your existing apartment buzzer

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The Complete Solution to
Modernize Your Apartment Buzzer

You don't have to move to a fancy new apartment to have
your buzzer calls forwarded to everyone you share your home with.

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For Families and Roomies

Flexible Call-forwarding
To Multiple Phone Numbers

Set up everyone in your home to receive buzzer calls and open the door. You can choose whether to call all numbers at once or one after another

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For Social Butterflies

Invite Your Guests
To Let Themselves In

Create personalized secure access codes and share them with your friends and family. Don't worry about buzzing them in while you're still prepping dinner or if the game already started

Learn About Secure Access Codes

For Airbnb and other short-term rentals

Synchronize Access Codes
With Your Bookings

You probably already automate setting up the smart lock code for each of your visitors - why stop there? FreshBuzzer will set up the same codes for your apartment buzzer and you can stop giving out your keys or fobs.

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screenshot of FreshBuzzer call-forwarding feature. showing forwarding numbers and option of two call-forwarding modes

How It Works

See what FreshBuzzer offers and how it works for you

Any Phone Based Buzzer

FreshBuzzer works for any phone based buzzer system - do you currently get a call on your cell or landline when someone rings the door? FreshBuzzer is for you!

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Your Personal FreshBuzzer Number

Choose your personal FreshBuzzer number and give it to your building manager. That's it, now you're ready to go and enjoy your new freedom.

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FreshBuzzer provides powerful functionality for your buzzer in a simple interface

Do Not Disturb

Pause and resume call-forwarding to a number with a single click or text


Forward your buzzer call to everyone at the same time. First one to pick up can open the door.


Add up to 5 numbers to your account to receive your buzzer calls

Access Logs

See which access codes where used when and spot anything out of the ordinary

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Sequential Calls

Forward your buzzer call to one number at a time - don't bother everyone right from the start

Secure Access Codes

Set up and secure 4-8 digit codes that allow your guests to let themselves in

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What People Are Saying

From East Coast to West Coast and in between,
people are making their lives easier with FreshBuzzer

Great service. I do airbnb for my place when I travel , and buzzing people in at odd hours specially when I am in a different time zone was such a hassle. Not anymore - Freshbuzzer has completely changed my life. πŸ™πŸΌ keep up the great work. I hope they come up with a mobile app version at some point.

Felicity, Toronto, ON
FreshBuzzer customer since Nov, 2023

I just want to reach out and say how much this app helped me. I have a long distance number and my building had no idea how to forward buzz ins to me. Countless times this has saved me effort being able to buzz in deliveries and such to my cell phone when I'm not home ❀️

Steve, Vancouver, BC
FreshBuzzer customer since Aug, 2020

The solution to living in an apartment and wanting your packages delivered to your door! It is so easy to use your grandma can figure it out. Seriously....

FreshBuzzer customer since Nov, 2023

This is the best experience I have ever had with a product I found online. I had a problem, I searched for a solution, and FreshBuzzer met all my needs and more.

It's run without ads, offers a free trial that does not require the entering of a credit card in order to use, and delivers exactly what is promised. I emailed the company and received a personal response from the founder himself in less than an hour.

This is a great product and I'm so happy I came across it.

An extremely satisfied customer, Winnipeg, MB
FreshBuzzer customer since October, 2023

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