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Oct 26th 2022
Security Major software updates installed
Oct 14th 2022
Security Security updates installed
Sep 20th 2020
New Fallback Numbers

In order to increase FreshBuzzer's resilience to technical issues, fallback numbers will take over when needed and restore the usual buzzer functionality of calling a single phone number. Read more in our blog post.

July 12th 2022
Security Security updates installed
June 19th 2022
Update iCal Sync Time Settings fixed

The time setting for check-in and check-out now take precedence over the times in the calendar events. Previously they were used as a fallback for calendars that only provide dates.

May 23rd 2022
New Synchronize Call-Forwarding numbers from your iCal [beta]

FreshBuzzer Professional already offered iCal Sync for Secure Access Codes - now you can also sync your Call-Forwarding numbers the same way. Simply copy & paste your booking calendar and your guests will receive the buzzer calls during their visit.

May 28th 2022
Security Security updates installed
May 24th 2022
Security Security updates installed

Regular security updates have been installed.

May 23rd 2022
New Improved Speech Recognition for Access Codes

Speech recognition continues to be a really hard problem to solve for computers. That's why we recommend to use Number Keys over Speech Recognition for Secure Access Codes. However, we just improved the speech recognition to better handle codes starting with a 0.

May 11th 2022
New Access Code Calendar Sync for Airbnb and Hospitable

Access Code Calendar Sync now also supports Airbnb and Hospitable. Syncronize your iCal now to automatically manage Secure Access Codes for each guest.

April 27th 2022
Security Security updates installed

Regular security updates have been installed.

April 17th 2020
New Subscription Self Management

You can now up/downgrade and change your billing cycle anytime on your account page. Note: this is only available during the trial period for now, but will be extended to active subscriptions soon.

March 22nd 2022
Performance performance restored

After contacting our hosting company and a server restart, the slow page load times we observed have been resolved. If you do see any performance issues, please contact us.

March 21st 2022
Performance Slow page loads across

We're investigating a technical issue that is causing some pages to load quite slowly. The issue has been raised with our hosting provider and will hopefully be fixed soon. We apologize for this and appreciate your patience.

March 20th 2022
New Access Code Calendar Sync & Professional Plan

The new iCal sync feature allows automatic management of your Secure Access Codes based on bookings on short-term rental platforms. This is specifically interesting for professional property usage and therefore comes together with a new FreshBuzzer Professional plan. Learn more in our blog post.

Feb 28th 2022
New Configure the input method for your Secure Access Codes

Previously access codes could be entered via key number pads as well as speech recognition. Unfortunately supporting both at the same time sometimes causes issues. So from now on, you can choose - depending on the physical buzzer unit in your building - whether FreshBuzzer expects voice or key press input. Configure yours now.

Feb 20th 2022
New Access Code Logs

Secure Access Codes are one of two ways to open your front door with FreshBuzzer. But since you're not getting a phone call when they are used, it is hard to know whether somebody uses them to gain access or now. Access Code Logs give you full visibility into when and which codes are used. Learn more in our blog post.

Feb 15th 2022
Update Time zone settings fixed

The time zone select field on the user account page was not correctly displaying the user selected time zone. This issue has been addressed and the time zone displays properly. Additionally the list of priority time zones has been shortened for improved usability.

Feb 11th 2022
Security Security updates installed

Regular security updates have been installed.

Feb 1st 2022
Security Security updates installed

Regular security updates have been installed.

Jan 30th 2022
New Voicemail detection [beta]

Voicemail can sometimes interfere with your Buzzer - When you are on another call or your phone is off, your voicemail might pick up any call instantly. This won't give anyone else the chance to answer the call instead. Enable Voicemail detection for your parallel Call Forwarding to get prompted to press any number and therefore prevent your mailbox from picking up. Coming to sequential calls soon!

Jan 17th 2022
Update Ignoring disabled Access Codes

You might want to set up some Access Codes for friends and family but don't like that everyone else is being asked for a code when ringing your buzzer. Tip: disable Access Codes that are not currently needed and when none of them are active, we now skip the voice prompt.

Jan 17th 2022
New Announcements

You can now follow this page to see any new features or regular maintenance work going into FreshBuzzer.