Our Climate Change Pledge

We're joining 25,000+ businesses world-wide to accelerate carbon removal.

Published on July 3rd, 2022

If we want to have any chance of avoiding or at least managing major impact of climate change, everyone needs to do their part. While individuals should drastically reduce waste and optimize their consumption, businesses are a massive driver of emissions and therefore climate change.

Every business has a strong moral obligation of participating in the efforts to combat climate change.

Luckily some individuals and businesses are far ahead of everyone else and our payment processor Stripe is one of them. Besides making it super easy and secure to handle payments, they are in a great position to organize and concentrate climate change efforts.

Stripe offers Stripe Climate and we're proud to contribute 5% of our revenue to carbon removal - alongside over 25,000 other companies across 39 countries!

Carbon removal encompasses different technologies to capture CO2 from the atmosphere to either store it or utilize in different industrial applications instead of carbon from fossil sources. The goal of Stripe Climate initiatives is to increase the demand for these new technologies which accelerates the decrease of costs and increase in scale. Graph showing the unit price of new technologies over time Cost of new technologies over time (source Stripe Climate) Hopefully carbon removal will follow the path of other important technologies and get more affordable and relevant over time.

Another shout-out goes to Carbon Engineering who are located right in our backyard - in Squamish BC. They have been pioneering CO2 capturing since 2015!

While it is often difficult to contribute directly to climate change initiatives, Stripe Climate makes it super easy for anyone processing payments through Stripe. And thanks to that, FreshBuzzer is able to make a small contribution to this important cause on behalf of everyone who uses FreshBuzzer!