Airbnb & Hospitable iCal Sync

Expanding possibilities for short-term rental property owners.

Published on May 11th, 2022
This blog post has been updated to reflect the name change of BuzzMeIn to FreshBuzzer. Read more.

It's been a while since our last blog post where we announced FreshBuzzer Professional and Access Code Calendar Sync. With this feature FreshBuzzer will automatically synchronize bookings and manage a Secure Access Code for each guest.

Since then we added the ability to freely switch between FreshBuzzer Professional and Personal as well as monthly and yearly billing during the trial period.
We also had to deal with increased fraud activity on the platform and started implementing measures that hopefully will keep fraud at bay while not impacting our honest users.

But back to Access Code Calendar (iCal) Sync... Today we have added support for one more property management platform - Hospitable - as well as Airbnb directly! The beauty is that it works exactly the way it does for

Airbnb logo HostTools logo Hospitable logo Access Code Calendar Sync Integrations

Together with this feature release we also have a landing page for FreshBuzzer Professional which will receive some further updates in the coming weeks.