Frequently asked questions about FreshBuzzer.

FreshBuzzer acts as a middleman between your existing buzzer and your phone. Simply sign up, choose your personal FreshBuzzer number and connect it to your phone. Then get your building manager to update the apartment or condo buzzer system with your FreshBuzzer number instead of your personal number and you are good to go. For more details see our How It Works article or ask us anything.

Yes, FreshBuzzer is as secure as your current buzzer system! Make sure you only connect FreshBuzzer to phone numbers you trust - all your connected numbers can answer the call and open the door with the push of a button.

We also do not process or store your payment information - it is processed exclusively by our trusted payment provider Stripe.

Secure Access Codes are a secure and convenient way to let your guests let themselves in. Simply set up a 4 to 8 digit PIN that is hard to guess and share it with your grandma, your significant other or your dinner guests. When they ring your buzzer, they get asked to enter or say their access code and you don't even have to pick up the phone!

Anyone who doesn't have your code can simply hang on and will be connected to your call-forwarding numbers as usual.

Please treat your access codes the same way you treat your house keys - anyone who knows the code and where you live can let themselves in.

Note: FreshBuzzer only opens the front door of your building - just as for everyone else in your building. Often this includes unlocking the elevator for your floor. However, if your apartment door is locked guests will still need a key to get in - unless you're home and leave it unlocked, e.g. when prepping for that dinner party. We might add Smart Lock support in the future - please contact us if you have a smart lock and would like to learn more.

There are a few potential reasons why Secure Access Codes might not work as expected. First make sure that you have at least one valid access code set up and the system prompts you to enter the code. When entering the code on your intercom's dial pad, pay attention if you hear any dial tones. If the system simply ignores your input, someone must have disabled dial tones on your intercom.

When dial tones are disabled it is impossible to use the number key pad to send a code from the intercom to FreshBuzzer. This is often done by the building management to "increase security" though it often leads to less secure ways of circumventing this restriction.

One alternative is to use voice recognition though this method is not always accurate due to potential poor audio quality. Another option is Party Mode which automatically buzzes in any visitor for a short period of time, e.g. when hosting a dinner party. If neither of these options are sufficient for you, please contact us for further guidance and to try new options that are currently still under development.

Yes... but you shouldn't. We've all been there, a propped open front door or neighbours who don't even check who it is before buzzing someone in - all of this reduces the security by reducing the barrier of entry to your building.

Instead you should use our Secure Access Codes or Party Mode. But some buildings either don't have number keys for your guests to enter their door code, or they have purposefully disabled dial tones to prevent Secure Access Keys from being used. In that case you can now use Auto Buzz which does exactly that - automatically buzz in anyone who rings your buzzer.

FreshBuzzer treats you like a responsible adult and with great power comes great responsibility. So please do use this functionality carefully. We recommend keeping your apartment doors locked at all times and if possible install a smart lock for unattended access.

The Open Key is the number or numbers you need to press on your phone to buzz in your visitor. In most buildings this is likely 9 or 6 so FreshBuzzer uses these by default. If your building uses different number(s) you can enter them on your number page.

Please note that FreshBuzzer will only use the Open Key to grant authorized access. At no time FreshBuzzer will automatically buzz everyone in as this conflicts with our security guarantees. When you receive a forwarded buzzer call, you will still need to press these number(s) yourself after verifying your visitor's identity.

FreshBuzzer Professional provides extra tools for professionally managed properties, such as Airbnb and other short-term rentals! The stand-out feature is Access Code Sync which automatically manages Secure Access Codes for all your bookings. Your guests will be able to use the same code as for your smart lock (you are using one right?) and you can stop handing out the key fob or key for the building's front door.

FreshBuzzer Professional also allows managing multiple properties in a single account. If you have any questions, please contact us or have a look at our Short-Term Rentals page.

Yes, we launched our Referral Program on May 1st 2024. The referrer and referee both receive a $5 credit after the referred user has spent $10. The credits will be applied automatically.

Absolutely not. We don't and won't sell or share any of your data with any third party.

To make payments secure it is handled by our trusted payment provider Stripe.

Most likely. If your building is using a buzzer system that is connected to the regular phone network, FreshBuzzer is for you! Did your building manager or landlord ask for a phone number for the buzzer system, then just give them your FreshBuzzer number and you're good to go!

However, if your building uses built-in phones with no real phone numbers, then it probably won't work. When in doubt simply get in touch.

Getting started with FreshBuzzer is as simple as one, two, three!

  1. Sign up for FreshBuzzer!
  2. Choose your personal phone number
  3. Ask your building manager or landlord to update your phone number and give them your FreshBuzzer phone number
  4. Connect one or more phone numbers to your FreshBuzzer number
  5. You're all set!

This might look like there's a lot to do but there's really not much to it. And when in doubt get in touch and we'll help you out!

Currently you can connect up to 5 numbers to receive your buzzer calls. If you think you need more, please drop us a line and we'll get you set up.

Absolutely, you can set up multiple virtual numbers, one for each apartment. It is currently not possible to share a number between multiple apartments.

No, only one person requires a subscription to set up FreshBuzzer. You can then simply add the phone numbers of your family members, roommates etc. to your FreshBuzzer number.

Exactly the same way as you would without using FreshBuzzer. When somebody rings your door bell you get a call. After you pick up the phone and check who's at the door you need to press a button (for my building it is 9). If this doesn't work for you, simply try out the other numbers or ask your building manager/landlord.

Currently FreshBuzzer is only available in Canada & US.

Let us know if you would love to use FreshBuzzer in your country. There might be regulatory restrictions on registering local numbers in certain countries, as well as different pricing - for some countries we would have to pay over USD20/month just for registering the phone number.

Absolutely! Some buzzer systems only allow local numbers and if you have a long distance number, you'll have to keep walking down the stairs to let your guests in.

With FreshBuzzer you can connect any phone number to your FreshBuzzer number - landline, mobile, long distance etc.

Nope! That's one of the advantages of FreshBuzzer. If you had to keep your landline because you could only connect one number to your buzzer, now you can connect everyone's mobile phone and finally ditch the landline!

There is no limit on the number of calls or minutes for your FreshBuzzer number. However, each call is currently limited to 5 minutes - at that point you should probably invite your guest in.

We also monitor general usage across the platform and reserve the right to disable certain numbers and/or accounts if we suspect abuse. We will try to contact the account owner before taking any action.

No, FreshBuzzer works by calling your phone old-school via a regular phone call. That way we can support landlines and mobile phones alike.

No, currently we don't have an app. This website should work perfectly fine on mobile devices. As new features are added we will evaluate if a mobile app make FreshBuzzer easier to use, e.g. with native mobile notifications.

Yes. No matter if you choose monthly or yearly billing, you can cancel anytime and won't be charged for your next billing cycle. Your account and all functionality of FreshBuzzer will be available until the end of your current billing cycle.

Yes, your subscription will renew automatically at the end of your billing cycle - monthly or yearly - to keep your account active. You will need a valid form of payment, e.g. credit card, to successfully renew your subscription.

However, we will send an email to notify you one week before the renewal and you have time to decide whether to cancel or continue using FreshBuzzer (hopefully the latter).

In July 2022 BuzzMeIn became FreshBuzzer. Besides the name and the domain name nothing changed. The reason for the change was that buzzmein.ca worked great in Canada but not so much in the United States. Now with freshbuzzer.com and freshbuzzer.ca we're all set for both! Read more.

Did we miss anything? If something is not clear or do you have any other questions, please let us know.