Free Trial now twice as long!

You now have 28 days to properly give FreshBuzzer a run for your money.

Published on December 8th, 2022

A free trial without having to enter your payment information is key to make trying a new product approachable to users. And I know that two weeks can go by really fast and your building manager still hasn't hooked up your new FreshBuzzer number to the buzzer system - how are you supposed to decide if it's worth it or not?! (hint: it is)

Well, now FreshBuzzer gives you a 28 days free, no strings attached trial to try out your supercharged buzzer and decide for yourself.
But please, once you decide you like it, do enter your payment details to avoid your account being deactivated when the trial ends.

Also worth mentioning is that we don't want to trick anyone into subscribing. Even when you enter your payment details, we will email you a few days before your trial ends that you will be charged soon. Of course we do the same when your subscription renews, so go ahead and choose the yearly plan and get over 2 months free!

Have any ideas or questions regarding FreshBuzzer or the free trial, please contact me or check out the FAQs.