More security with access code logs

Always know when your access codes have been used.

Published on February 20th, 2022

This blog has a number of posts around FreshBuzzer's call-forwarding feature. While that is how it all started, there is another way to let your guests in with FreshBuzzer... or shall we say let them let themselves in.

With FreshBuzzer's Secure Access Codes you can set up 4-8 digit long codes that - when entered at the front door - will let your guest in. And all that without you ever getting a phone call (of course you can use access codes and call-forwarding in tandem as well).

Access Codes have been a main feature since the very beginning, but there was always one piece of the puzzle that I considered missing... until now. When someone enters a correct and valid access code, FreshBuzzer will open your door. When someone thinks they can guess a code but get it wrong, they won't get in. Either way, you might never know.

A key component to security is transparency. How good is access control when you don't know who gains access and when?! The solution of this is commonly known as an access log or audit log. It allows you, the account owner, to see exactly what is going on. And that's what is now available as Access Code Logs. New! Access Code Logs show any activity from your Secure Access Codes

In the screenshot above we can clearly see that three access codes have been used recently.

  1. Nanna came by two days in a row in the late afternoon.
  2. The next day Jim from Cleanteam came by to freshen up the place. His access code was only valid from 2:30pm but he arrived a few minutes early and couldn't get in until then.
  3. We also see that the babysitter came over the next day and couldn't remember their code at first.

Also, a mysterious person tried their luck a few hours after the babysitter but didn't enter a correct code.

This is just the beginning of Access Logs on FreshBuzzer! I'm already planning to add them for call-forwarding as well... maybe even introduce notifications?! Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on how to take this further, or sign up now for your free trail of FreshBuzzer with Access Code Logs!